Skin Goals Package

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Are you new to Beauty Bliss? Want a skin 'check-in' if you haven’t been to see us for a while? Or is there a particular skin concern you would like to work on?

This is a bespoke package designed just for you, that will set you up on your skin journey and give both of us enough time to get properly (re)acquainted with your skin!

What's in the Package?

1. Using our Observ skin scanner we will look at your skin on a deeper level – it shows us under different light ranges things that aren’t visible to the naked eye, you have the choice whether we take photos or just have a look and go through.

2. We’ll chat about your skin and concerns and talk through the results of the scan - we can revisit and assess your results in 3, 6, or 12 months.

3. From here your therapist will customise a thorough 50-minute skin treatment for you (worth $189). This will be using 2-3 treatment modalities. Prepare for a skin revival!

4. We will then set out a treatment plan with your next 3 treatments and product recommendations and advice. This helps us create an organised skin strategy giving you the best results.

5. Enjoy 15% off products on the day.

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Skin Goals
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The Magic of the Observ Skin Scanner

The Observ Skin Scanner - your personal gateway to skin enlightenment. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision in skincare analysis.

The Observ Skin Scanner isn't just a device; it's your skin's storyteller, revealing its deepest secrets in stunning detail. Using advanced technology, it penetrates beyond the surface, unlocking a realm of insights invisible to the naked eye.

Gone are the days of generic skincare solutions. With Observ, customization reigns supreme. By capturing multiple images of your skin's layers, it unveils concerns hidden beneath, from pigmentation and UV damage to dehydration and pore size.

But Observ doesn't stop at diagnosis. Armed with this knowledge, it empowers you with personalized skincare strategies tailored to your skin's unique needs. Say hello to a new era of targeted treatments, where every product and regimen is purposefully chosen to address your specific concerns.

Experience skincare like never before. With Observ Skin Scanner, the future of flawless complexion is now within reach. Discover the power of precision, and unlock your skin's full potential today.

Making your Skin Goals Plan

Once we've gathered the insights from your skin scan, we craft personalized skin plans designed to address your concerns and aspirations. But our role doesn't end there. We're here to guide you every step of the way, offering expert advice and demystifying the skincare process, making it as understandable and approachable as possible.

At Beauty Bliss, we believe that skincare is a partnership between you and your skin. That's why we offer a special discount on your skincare products, recognizing that your homecare routine plays a pivotal role in achieving and maintaining radiant, healthy skin. After all, up to 80% of your skincare results stem from consistent, effective home care.

Some of the common treatments are:

Beauty Bliss 60

Ready to move forward with your skin journey? Book your Skin Goals Package today!