Laser Skin Therapy

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Xlase Skin Treatments – IPL & Erbium YAG laser

Our Xlase IPL photorejuvenation and Xlase Erbium YAG laser treatments are two different methods of laser skin therapy we use in our salon. Our IPL skin treatments use light energy to target pigmentation and vessels within the skin. Using interchangeable filters at different wavelengths we can selectively heat our targets and treat them within the skin. We also use our IPL to heat dermal structure and draw water to the skin cells – plumping and triggering collagen activity.

Indications for IPL photorejuvenation include pigmentation, capillaries, redness, rosacea and fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Erbium YAG laser treatment is a mild sublative laser for skin textural concerns and resurfacing. The Erbium crystal evaporates water our the skin and regenerates new skin by allowing the skin to peel naturally.

Indications for Erbium YAG laser treatment include acne scarring, congestion, pigmentation and textural irregularities.

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Xlase IPL Facials

Our IPL medifacial is unique to our clinic, we use modest settings to effectively heat the dermal tissue and use herbal serums and mask and massage after. Your skin will feel bouncy, soft and revived.

IPL Medi Facial


A softening cleanser is applied then a mix of two filters targeting skin concerns such as acne, rejuvenation, pigment, or aging. Includes a herbal infusion, vitamin cream mask, and a soothing neck and shoulder massage.

Xlase IPL Photorejuvenation (Per area)

Photorejuvenation treatments are targeted sessions of IPL. A course of treatments is recommended for best results or can be used as a singular session.

IPL (Full face) Singular

30mins | $229

IPL (Full face)4 session package

4 x Full Face | $800

IPL (Decolletage) Singular

30mins | $199

IPL (Decolletage) 4 session package

4 x Decolletage | $696

IPL (Hands) Singular

30mins | $95

IPL (Hands) 4 session package

4 x hands | $332


Xlase Erbium YAG Laser

Erbium YAG laser is a method of fractionated ablative laser. This treatment evaporates water out of the skin in tiny dot-sized portions. The skin is then left to restructure and resurface and peels in the 7 days following the treatment. We like to call it an ‘acid free peel’ as it doesn’t stir up congestion and breakouts. We include a thorough cleanse prior to treatment and 5 day follow up healite.

This treatment is perfect for acne, textural irregularities, pigmentation, fine lines, open pores and congestion.

A course of treatments is recommended for specific concerns.

Erbium YAG Full-face laser

Singular | 45mins

4 x 45min sessions