Skin in your 50’s

I’m 50+ and my skin needs a boost

You’ve probably noticed your skin feels thirsty but you cant work out why your moisturiser isn’t hydrating you! Its due to 2 major factors – loss of volume (skin becomes thinner like a sunken mattress ie. Less collagen) and loss of lipids – yep your skin is LIPID DRY – its just not producing the same oils it used to. This is a natural process that we can help lift by treatment and home care products. Your friends have been getting treatments and you aren’t sure where to start, you dont know what you need and you want someone to organise your routine and have your skin looking and feeling better.

Key products for this age group (usage prescribed by therapist)

Essential fatty acids

Hyaluronic acid


Customised cream and moisturiser (Dermaviduals)


Key treatments

RF skin tightening

CPL rejuvenation