Rapid results facials

Beauty Bliss 49

Rapid Results facials

Our rapid results facial treatments are designed to give you results in just a fraction of the time. With these treatments there is less of the fuss and more treating of the skin! We understand life can be busy and express rejuvenation can be just what you need. All of our rapid results facials are on top of the covers, covered with a blanket if you so wish 🙂

Beauty Bliss 101

Refresh and Renew – toskani peel & rubber mask

All 40mins


Our Toskani duosomal peels are a dual action meaning they are 5% free acid and 5% liposome encapsulated. There is both immediate and slow release acids working in the skin over 5minutes. We then finish with a custom rubber mask to anchor hydration and luminosity into the skin. Enjoy a scalp massage as your skin is refreshed and renewed.




Micro Express – microhydrabrasion & rice enzymeBeauty Bliss 53

Allow 40mins


Gentle resurfacing treatment designed for skin that needs a pick me up exfoliation and some TLC. Our rice enzyme contains papaya and pineapple and is soothing yet gentle. We finish with a cream mask face massage and include the scalp.


Hydrate & GLOW – PHA peel & vitamin mask Beauty Bliss 5

Allow 40mins


This facial treatment is for those with sensitive skin, we use our polyhydroxy acid peel to recentre and rehydrate the skin. This peel is deeply hydrating as it contains panthenol and gluconalactone. Vitamin cream mask is infused into the skin using ultrasound technology. We finish with a scalp and face massage.



Express Lactic peel – 30min lactic facial with hydrating maskBeauty Bliss 105

Allow 40mins


Our lactic 30 mini version is designed to enliven the hydration powerhouses within your skin. we use our lactic 30% peel to effectively loosen dead skin and we finish with a hydrating face mask and scalp massage