Skin in your 20’s and 30s

I’m young and want my skin to thrive as it ages

You’ve reached your 30s and your skin is starting to show very early signs of aging – ie. Fine wrinkling, pigmentation, drying out in winter and you’re concerned if you let it go any further you’ll be setting yourself up to look 10 years older than you really are. Its true – you need to look after your skin starting now in order to see it thrive as you age.

Your skincare routine at home will help optimise the function of your skin which is essentially to turn over and replicate as it produces new cells it is important to strengthen and nourish the skin barrier, slow the depletion of collagen and elastin and make sure the skin function is working how it should.

Key products for this age group (usage prescribed by therapist)

-Vitamin A

-Vitamin C

Key treatments

Skin needling


Erbium fractionalYoungskin