LED Light Therapy

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LED Light Therapy with Healite

Light-emitting diode (LED) phototherapy is the technology behind our Healite II system. Treatments use low-level light therapy to rejuvenate the skin by activating the cellular recovery process. All this is done without damaging the surrounding tissue or the need for downtime. Low-Level Light Therapy uses light to photomodulate cellular function. Properly delivered and concentrated, LED technology effectively operates without the risk of physical trauma or thermal damage. We can increase and optimise cellular function, kill acne bacteria, and reduce inflammation in the skin.

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LED Facials

Our signature LED facial is a little something special without too much fuss. We love this as an introductory to LED and it is our singular session option.

LED Spa Facial (Healite)


Wavelengths of light penetrate the dermal layer of the skin to rejuvenate collagen supplies and recharge the processes of the skin. Includes foaming enzyme, massage and finishing products.

Healite LED Light Therapy

LED is a great way to optimise your skin cells! You can have LED on a weekly basis. We are able to use blue light for acne or infrared for all other concerns! We include a cleanse, LED therapy, hand massage and finishing products.

Healite LED Light therapy – Packages

Three sessions (from 30mins)


Six sessions (from 30mins)


Healite FAQs

What is healite?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy is the technology behind the Healite II system. Treatments use low-level light therapy to rejuvenate the skin by activating the cellular recovery process. All this is done without damaging the surrounding tissue or the need for downtime.

Active acne and superficial skin lesions are just some of the concerns that can be addressed with Healite II. General skin rejuvenation and optimising cell mitochondria (little powerhouses) so the skin functions better overall. It’s the ultimate recharge.

Some of the proven benefits of LED light therapy sessions include an increase in collagen and elastin production, a reduction in lines and wrinkles and better skin tone and texture. The result is smoother, youthful, more supple skin.

Healite II is currently one of the most advanced LED-based systems available today. Regardless of whether it’s used as a standalone treatment or as part of a treatment plan, Healite II is capable of exceptional results. The high-quality LED lights deliver energy safely and evenly, which is how surrounding tissue remains protected.

A reduction in the appearance of poor skin tone, texture, pigmentation and acne is just the start. Treatments can also reduce pain, bruising and swelling following surgery, thread lifts or cosmetic injections.

All skin types can benefit from Healite II sessions, without the need for downtime or the risk of complications.

What wavelengths does this LED use?

During your Healite session, one of three, or a combination of wavelengths, is used to achieve the desired outcome. Here are the benefits of the different light colours and wavelengths.

830nm wavelength (yellow light)

  • Wound healing
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Scar treatment

415nm wavelength (blue light)

  • Treatment of active acne

What can I expect my session to feel like?

LED light therapy emits a warm and comfortable sensation. We use goggles for our 415nm wavelengths and give clients the option with the 830nm as light can target and rejuvenate around the eyes. The light is so relaxing that most clients fall asleep or feel completely refreshed when finished.

How effective is LED light therapy?

You will see immediate improvements in the appearance and quality of your skin following LED Light Therapy. After the mitochondria have been recharged – the rejuvenation has a knock on effect to new cells being produced.

Are there any risks with LED light therapy?

Healite is designed to heal and make your skin feel optimal. Healite LED Light Therapy helps to reduce redness and inflammation to accelerate healing – there is absolutely no downtime with this treatment and the results have been backed by clinical white papers. The Healite is TGA approved.

Can Healite be combined with other skin treatments in salon?

Yes. We use our Healite device as a staple in most customised skin treatments.