Skin Discovery

All about discovering your skin and what you need in terms of treatment and homecare!

We begin by viewing the various layers of skin with our special skin analysis machine to show you what is really going on below the surface.

We then treat your skin to a signature treatment by dermaviduals - enzyme steam bath with hydration infusion which aims to soften and rehydrate and get everything back on track!

Homecare is a major part of your results so we would love you to take home $250 worth of skincare and receive your skin discovery treatment and analysis FREE

Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy + Sterile Take Home Cream

This treatment combines two concepts
1. collagen stimulation
2. introduction of vitamins, minerals, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, and amino acids into the skin to target specific conditions.
We wanted to take our mesopen treatment to another level and bring in some new ‘serum cocktails’ for conditions we see the most of! We have chose:
👩🏼‍🔧wrinkles, skin volume, general rejuvenation 🌞pigmentation & brightening
🚨skin redness and flushing.
With this treatment we carefully select which will best suit your skin and your concerns and we use mesopen pro to infuse it into the skin using micro controlled wounds. We then send you home with a customised sterile cream to use in the days following your treatment.
  • Sterile set up and sterile skin preparation
  • Hyaluronic pre peel to soften skin prior to treatment
  • Simultaneous skin needling (collagen induction micro controlled wounds) & electroporation (introducing an electrical field to the skin to increase permeability)
  • Specially selected (according to skin concern) sterile ampoule applied to the skin before we begin treatment
  • Post needling mask soaked and customised in a specified solution for your skin and your concerns
  • Customised cream made up for you to take home and use in the days post treatment

    Book this treatment in online! under ‘dermal treatments’ in the booking link below - $30 OFF first treatment