Home rollers and mini humidifiers are a great way to get that bounce back


Home rollers and mini humidifiers are a great way to get the bounce back into your skin! Looks like it might be a while longer before we are able to do professional treatments in salon. I believe in always helping your skin at home as much as you can and these are two products I have sourced that I absolutely love using myself.

The micro glow mini humidifier

The mini humidifier can be used anytime and anyplace thanks to its sleek & small size. Effortlessly immerse your face over a cool, clean mist for just minutes to hydrate your skin and hair for a revitalised look. Plugs into a USB so can literally be used anywhere!

  • Can be used
    • As part of a morning routinefor 15 minutes to extend dewy skin throughout the day
    • In the car to rejuvenate your skin while on the way to your destination
    • At the officewhile youre working leave on your desk to combat the drying AC or heating
    • As part of your night timeroutine while watching TV
    • Overnight (my personal fav!) as you sleep with its 10hour capacity!

The micro glow roller 0.3 roller (skin needling)

Simple skin needling tool that will rejuvenate and refresh your skin’s appearance without fillers or chemicals.

With 540 medical grade titanium micro needles, this sleek skin roller promotes circulation, encourages natural exfoliation, and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Derma Roller Benefits
    • Improves skin absorptionof serums
    • Stimulates the growth of new cells and collagen
    • Reduces fine linesand wrinkles
    • Reduces scarringand uneven skin pigmentation
    • Reduces the appearance of acne scars 
    • Enhances complexion and improves skin tone
    • Easy to use with at-home self-application

You can use these two products together are separately to keep your skin looking hydrated, bouncy and glowy at all times!

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