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Brrr! Man it was cold out this morning when I was walking down to F45 Brunswick East. Yep! I am part of that cult that everyone is talking about. I noticed as I was walking, the cold wind on my face and on my poor lips, dry as a bone and peeling. Some of the dry skin flapping off was peeling so deep that parts of them felt as though they were bleeding.
It dawned on me big time at this very moment. I’ve been diligent with my skincare regime but extremely lazy with my lip care. After having to last a whole forty – five minute workout with my lips in this shriveled sore state, I felt it was time to begin a regime for my lips and banish dry lips for good.
My secrets for perfectly moist lips all Winter long

1. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush

Choose a soft toothbrush (separate from your tooth brushing toothbrush) and gently buff away dead skin in a circular polishing motion when in the shower.








2. Use a gel based lip balm

Our *NEW* ormedic lip balm has been popular coming into Winter. This beautiful gel based lip balancing complex is specifically designed to enhance the appearance and volume of lip contours. Containing a powerful polypeptide complex to add up to 40% more moisture with repeat use and visibly diminish fine lines as well as reduce inflammation after lip injections. Plus it smells like marshmallow and can be used as a lip primer.







3. Use hydrating lipsticks not matte

I find matte lipsticks can be quite drying for the lips and this is probably one reason as to why my lips were so dry this morning. I haven’t changed my lipstick to suit the season! Matte lipsticks contain less moisturising ingredients, if your lips are already predisposed to dryness I’d recommend not using them or using a lip primer underneath. Creme or satin finish are the way to go in winter. Shanghai Suzy’s winter collection contains some whipped matte formula colours but also some really terrific satin luxe formula lippies! My fav ‘Rose quartz’ is what I’m wearing today. Packed with jojoba seed oil, avocado oil and shea butter it feels oh so nourishing on my lips.










4. Carry a lip balm in all of your handbags

Phone, check, wallet, check, keys check… This morning I got caught out clearly not having a balm in my gym bag to slather on my lips before my workout. I recommend keeping a gloss or balm in each handbag because it’s often something we forget to include in the switch.







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